LXDict is a freeware dictionary program for the HP200LX palmtop, derived from an open source dictionary program for Linux and Dos machines, related to in this site as Dict/CLI (Command Line Interface) and sometime Dict/Console.

In this site you can find the open source prgoram, suitable to compilation *only* under Gnu platforms, including CygWin, but not native compilers of UNIX machines. Is assumes an STL compliant with SGI and HP. The commercial application of RogueWave, used by Sun Workshop, Borland C++ and Visual C++ is not so. As you could figure, this software is written in C++. Compilation instructions for DJGPP are attached. (Gnu Readline should be recompiled for DJGPP).
In order to compile under Borland C++ 5.02 and produce wither a subset of the console version with no readline support, or the GUI version for the HP200LX palmtop (LXDict) you need to patch your installation of BC++ which will make it unsuitable to compile other applications. Do it on your own risk! You will also need to create a version of the PAL library for the medium memory model, if compiling the PDA version.

The core of the program was written by Simo Blom of Helsinki, Finland. Readline support and palmtop version were written by Ariel Brosh of Israel.

Source Forge work area for this package

Language packages
These zip files should be unzipped in the same directory the binary was installed in.
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I apologize for the upper case suffix to some of the filenames.

Roget English Thesuarus
(Works only under the
command line version)

English - German
Englisch - Deutsch

English - Dutch
Engels - Nederlands

English - Afrikaans
Engels - Afrikaans

English - Danish
Engelsk - Dansk

English - Norwegian
Engelsk - Norsk (Bokmוl)

English - Swedish
Engelska - Svenska

English - Finnish
Englanti - Suomi

English - Italian
Inglese - Italiano

English - French
Anglais - Franחais

English - Portuguese (Iberian)
Inglךs - Portuguךs

English - Spanish
Inglיs - Espaסol

English - Greek
Acclo - Ellhnikף

German - Italian
Deutsch - Italienisch
Tedesco - Italiano

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.הקתעהב רתומ ילגנא ירבע ןולימל קוקז ינא